Slip Alley XXIII

Phong stands at Hanoi airport
mid morning
waiting for the plane
from Singapore
to land with a taxi driver
at the ready.

The plane taxis to a stop,
the perp stands, opens
the overhead locker, takes
out his case and slowly moves
forward to disembark.
He goes through customs
and immigration and  out
into the airport’s noise.

He heads for the exit doors
flanked by Phong,

Just outside the door
a taxi driver offers him
a special price, calls Phong
to tell her the perp
is going to the Metropole.

Phong follows them
on her pink Vespa
wearing gauntlet gloves
with a bandito scarf
across her face.

She enters the lobby
of the Metropole, the perp
is there at the checkout counter,
She stands beside him
and books her room.

Two bellboys take
them up in the lift,
Phong sees Room 1021,
on the card
in the other bellboy’s hand.
The perp is yawning,
he looks like hell,
he’ll have a nanna nap
before dinner.

Phong lies in her bath with bubbles,
thinking of the night ahead,
the perp will be in the cocktail bar
tonight looking for company.
She giggles to herself,
calls her sister Thi, says
“Your little sister
has the bird in sight.”


8 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXIII

  1. I’ve loved your little captions of other people’s lives, I like people watching and the fact that you’re writing a semi-story in each poem is utterly compelling. I’m hooked, now will he go for that cocktail?

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