Slip Alley XXII

Ollie picks up the baby Glock,
slips it in his pocket,
looks at Greta,
sitting on the couch
with shoulders heaving.
Her face is white beneath her makeup,
her mouth is dry,
her tongue clicks on her teeth
as she speaks.

“You saved me from the murderer,
I am so sorry…”
she can speak no more
as sobs wrack her body.

Blue sits by her feet,
stretches out his back leg
and washes his behind.

Ollie calls for an unmarked car
to take Greta to the station.


Ollie sits in a dingy room
with mustard walls,
a naked light bulb softly
hisses, throwing
a cold uneven light,
a woman sits beside him
wearing latex gloves,
sorting through
Greta’s Prada handbag,
reading through credit card receipts.
On the table lies Greta’s smartphone
and the baby Glock.

Across from them sits Greta.
Ollie looks at Greta’s panda eyes
and faded lipstick,
her cheek bones
bouncing light and shadows,
he flicks on the voice recorder
says the time, the interview
commences now,
Greta shudders and begins
her grand denial,
hoping the woman
won’t find the slip of paper
with instructions
rolled up inside her lipstick case.

8 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXII

  1. This has got to be the most suspenseful chapter so far. And you are so clever in hooking the reader with that oxymoronic first line containing “baby glock” hoo ha! I also like much Blue stretching his hind leg and washing his behind…hahahahahahahaha! You bring us back tothe mundane, only to hang us on suspenseful wire again. You she devil!

  2. ha. i love the little side step details that bring this alive and ground us at the same time…the dog washing its behind for instance…you def set the tension wellin this too….

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