Slip Alley XXI

The perp  has a window seat,
he plans to sleep, the plane
accelerates and flies,
bound for Hanoi via Singapore,
he flicks on an action movie,
waits for drinks and dinner…


Isamu speaks to Thi
in Japanese, the next mark
is on the way, he should arrive
in a day or so, she must call her sister
in Hanoi to meet the morning plane
from Singapore and find the man
with red hair and a clean shaven face,
tail him and then pounce
when he finds a hotel….

Isamu predicts
the perp will stay at the old Metropole in Hoan Kiem
where Ernest Hemingway
and Grahame Greene once sojourned
seduced by their dreams
of a glamourous Indochina.
There are even cocktails
named after them
to make tourist fantasies authentic.

Thi snickers in delight,
picks up her phone
to call her sister, Phong, who tells
her she is ready with a taxi driver.
Smiling, Isamu heads for the gym.

Thi saunters back to the resort suite,
Jack still sleeps like a dead man.
He has been sleeping peacefully
for two days. Isamu’s liquid substance works,
she takes Jack to the bathroom
to do his business.
Thi gently slips another drop onto
Jack’s slack tongue. If he were to wake
she would have to have sex with him again.
She walks him back to bed
and tucks him in.


9 thoughts on “Slip Alley XXI

  1. …and I thought my traveling days were over…Hanoi! ..and Jack sleeps for two days! This is the best travelogue ever…filled with sex, mystery, murder..yikes..can’t wait for next installment!

  2. Drives me crazy when I run into a compelling write like this and I want to know more….which tells me you know how to create a page turner. I will hope to catch up some day and find out the rest. Great writing.

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