Slip Alley XX

Sveta chews her pencil,
cuts her tongue
on the metal band where
once an eraser sat;
she winces taking a sip
of iced lemon water,
Ollie is in a fix, Greta
is a dangerous dame
with a penchant to win.

And what of the
mysterious Isamu and Thi?
They have expensive taste.

Sveta draws some arcs
and intersecting lines


In a rooftop bar
the red bearded perp
clean shaven now
with snake tattoos
encircling his neck
sits with a pot of beer
blowing smoke rings
with a fat cigar,
he reads a slip of paper,
“You have a choice,
a game of chance,
leave now
all your obligations
shall be discharged.
You will be completely free”.

Ten grand was put
into his account
for the woman on the train,
she looked harmless,
the contract
seemed extravagant but who was
he to reason why…
He blows another smoke ring
and watches the trams clatter by.
His forehead wrinkles.

He drains his beer
clumps down four flights,
steps outside,
the full moon shines mournfully.

He hails a cab
to catch a midnight flight.

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13 thoughts on “Slip Alley XX

  1. This gets thickerer and thickerer and betterer and betterer! Your characters are numerous, colorful, and you give them a sense of reality…we can touch them..oh those tattoos…the cigar, the smoke..Can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. nice….great scenes…easy to see…i am intrigued by both the characters you presented today….and i may have to try your concept of serialized fiction through poetry…had one i did that i got 5 pieces into and never finished…

  3. Marsha,
    One of a rare offering! Serialized episodes, very interesting Ma’am! There are lots of colorful characters to get accustomed with. Makes one to eagerly look forward to the next one. Great imagery in the offing. I like that!


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