Slip Alley XIX

Greta places her chopsticks
on the ebony rest,
takes a sip of wine
almost choking,
wipes her delicate lips
with a napkin;
excusing herself,
she slips
into the second bedroom.

Blue cat slinks along the passage,
stops to look at Ollie…

Isamu sits in a sauna with Thi,
draws on his fat cigar,
puffs out a cat shape,
pokes it with his index finger…


Blue cat hunkers down
each muscle taut,
Greta steps through the door
aiming the baby Glock
straight at Ollie’s heart.

Ollie raises his hands
into the air, locks her eyes
as Blue flies through the air
landing claws out
on Greta’s head.
The Glock clatters
on the parquetry.


Isamu smiles at Thi,
takes another puff on his cigar
and pours them both
a glass of icy vodka.

Thi sculls half a glass
and slaps herself
with fresh sprig of birch branches
imported from Russia.

Isumi sculls his glass, belly laughs
and eats a spoonful of Beluga caviar
straight from the jar
as a vodka chaser.

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6 thoughts on “Slip Alley XIX

  1. I keep coming back to this, and catching bits of it on the middle, but feel I need to make some time to start at Slip Alley I and read them all through, seeing as it carries a story… When will you have it completed? Or is it going to be the Never Ending Story…?

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