Off cuts

For Anu – Β “sometimes find myself in unvisited minds”

With Anu’s beautiful design


25 thoughts on “Off cuts

  1. Oh wow! I love this ~ spilling with intrigue yet starlit with truth. Touching unvisited minds … alternative dimensions … histories & futures … & a liminal space where nothingness ‘happens’ in complete stillness. And all wrapped up so brilliantly in so few words. Absolutely spellbound by this one πŸ™‚

  2. The possibilities of everything in nothingness is a startling notion you poetically describe so beautifully…This is truly an original, and most thought provoking …

  3. This is a wonderful poem. With its amazing structure it conveys its pulsations accurately. The best part is it is not a poem with end….it goes on in mind of the reader (participator!!!)…just breathing/ the stillness/ of all/ visiting…….Lovely!!!

  4. I like this very, very much.

    First the content is marvelous…..and the space between the words? or the formatting…it intrigues!

    Very nice, Marousia.

    Lady Nyo

  5. I love the sense of connection, of the incomplete which finds completion, through a medium not physical, it seems, but larger and clearer. Beautiful, Marousia.

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