Slip Alley XVI

Sveta smiles,
wandering other minds
is most satisfying.


Ollie stands in his kitchen
thinking about the note
he found with Jane Doe
in the train.

The kettle whistles,
he makes a pot of oolong tea,
grabs two willow pattern
stoneware cups, some
French Madelines on a plate,
joins Greta in the living room
with a cosy tray.

“Tonight you are safe here,
tomorrow we will arrange
an apartment and a guard.”

Greta’s eyes fill with tears,
she shivers breathing in
the fragrant steam
of her tea.

“Maybe you can help me
with something,” says Ollie,
as his cat fiddles with a pen
on the coffee table, “the red
bearded perp, why did
he have your mobile number?”

Greta blanches,
clasps her slender fingers,
tears a corner off
a newspaper,
starts to fold an origami crane.

Her voice is breathless,
as she answers
locking eyes with Ollie,
fingers busy creasing,
“I really have no idea,
no, no idea at all.”

Ollie’s eyebrow itches,
the blue cat rolls a coin
with a clatter across
the parquetry floor.
Ollie lets the silence grow
with a sympathetic face
waiting for Greta to continue.

She talks about the new apartment,
Ollie’s mobile bleets,
the red bearded perp was seen
going into Greta’s,
they have a watch at his place,
Ollie smiles and congratulates
his men.

Yet Greta still looks very anxious.


6 thoughts on “Slip Alley XVI

  1. Not only does the suspense build, but your eye for detail so engages…i.e. the willow pattern stone cup, the origami crane..makes you feel you’re there…more please!

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