Slip Alley XV

Eric stands
under a yawning street lamp,
red beard glinting
with dark lights.

He has her number now,
the apartment building beckons,
ghostly birches wave a welcome.

He flies up the stairs,
finds the right door,
takes out his pick lock,
turns the reluctant barrels
whispering, “come to Daddy”.
Finally, a satisfying click.

The door swings open,
the flat is bare, inconvenient
witness gone, Eric swears
about bestial intercourse,
heads for home.

In his letterbox, he finds
a gilt edged envelope,
inside a note
smelling of violets,
a name, address
and photograph – same offer
as before.

Offered for

Poetics ~ It’s a matter of Choice..


29 thoughts on “Slip Alley XV

  1. Oh but your language is so rich ~ & your slowly unfolding plot so intriguing. Love ‘Eric swears about bestial intercourse’ & spent several minutes trying to decide what he actually said! Strong beginning, ending loaded with suspense ~ brilliant! 🙂

  2. This is a nail biter…you tease! I love, love, love this series. The polished penny dreadful of the 21st Century. Your well, m’dear never runs dry!!

  3. I love how you used the language to convey such a heavy atmosphere… and also “cracks” in it, like the “Come to Daddy” part! Very intriguing poem indeed. Everything links together and points at directions but does not tell… Suspense.

  4. You’ve definitely captured a moment in a larger context of distrust and mystery. The criminality of the scene is offset by the mysterious letter, a tantalizing clue and invitation to want to read more. Hope to see you at my offering to the prompt! 🙂

  5. Mysterious and alluring in it’s ambiguity, menace, and tables turning sort of feel. Will be interested to see any follow up, as the narrative leaves one guessing on a lot of points–one of my favorite things in a poem.

  6. Eric swears
    about bestial intercourse,

    Well thats a unique way of putting it, if you are saying what I think you’re saying, which I am sure you are, but then again, i could be wrong 😉

    Piqued my intrigue, thats for sure.

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