Slip Alley XIII

Thi and Isamu walk
along the water,
the sky endless blue,
floating limestone dragon
mountains lurk in a haze,
sand cool silk beneath their bare feet,
“Jack has a contract, signed,”
Thi says.

Isamu nods making
the sign of the cat in wet pressed sand
with a curved sharp stick.





Sveta stretches her arms
over her head, her neck feels tight.
She walks to the window,
looks at the moon,
blood tinges deepening,
the eclipse has started.


Ollie buys a posy of pale green roses.
He figures it’s safer than
deep red, the yellow didn’t feel right,
too cheerful and the white,
too funereal. He finds a number,
springs up a flight of stairs,
adjusts his coat and knocks.

He hears footsteps, and a pause,
the door opens. Greta’s hair
is freshly washed. Her violet eyes
are red rimmed,
bruised with shadows

The red bearded perp
has been seen
by an anonymous observer.
She must pack
her things.
It’s not safe
to stay.

Greta packs.

7 thoughts on “Slip Alley XIII

  1. smiles…the use of red through out is so foreboding….cool addition…i will have to go back once you are done and read the whole thing i think to really keep the story and all the characters straight…

  2. strange stuff, but it is haunting. I think I need to study the ‘what for’ of these verses to understand more…but your imagery is strong and sticking.

    Lady Nyo

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