Inspiring Blog Award

Phew – three awards in a row! I am overwhelmed. Many blessing to Abigail aka @The_linnet for this award. I urge you to visit her wonderful blog –

The rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Tell 7 things about you that will not come up in your blog entries.
3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.

So seven things about me

1. I adore poetry
2. I am addicted to yoga
3. I wish I could play a violin
4. I listen to classical music to relax
5. I am a night owl
6. My family is scattered around the world – Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada, Russia
7. I have met many wonderful friends on Twitter

And now to choose 7 blogs because they inspire me – once again I am struggling to choose between so many fabulous blogs: @dversepoets Lady Nyo Mama Zen The Tashtoo Palour Zero Summer Verse Escape Eva Von Pelt


5 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Marousia! That is so lovely of you! I have only received one award before for the poem “The River”….it was the poem of the year on ERWA, but this from you means so much more!

    Thank you, Marousia. This is quite the gift.

    Lady Nyo (Jane)

  2. Please excuse my tardy thank you! I could have sworn I replyed here weeks ago. Anyway….

    Marousia, thank you so much for this lovely award! I’m so grateful and especially honoured as I greatly admire your poetry 🙂

    Thank you again,

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