One Lovely Blog Award

I am honoured to receive this blog award from my dear friend Louise Hastings. If you haven’t visited her blog you really should. Her poetry is superb.

The rules of acceptance for this award nomination are as follows:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Now seven things about me:

  1. I speak to cats and dogs
  2. I love reading anything but especially crime fiction, fantasy and magical realism
  3. I adore travelling and getting lost in unfamiliar cities
  4. I am obsessed with Zen but I’m working through this
  5. My greatest fear is that kindness will disappear from the world
  6. If I don’t write poetry or take photographs I get depressed
  7. I have trouble making decisions

And now I must decide among all the wonderful blogs out there which 15 to nominate, so here goes. This mix is somewhat eccletic – something for everyone – do visit and enjoy the blogs of these interesting folk.

@Amielieja and













@remittancegirl (Adults Only)



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