Slip Alley VII

Sveta sits at some urban
railway station,
listening to an announcement
in an Indian accent,
“Due to an incident at
Bunyip, all trains
have been delayed. We are
awaiting further instructions. Please
listen for further announcements.”

Sveta frowns, takes out her
moleskin notebook,
and chews her pencil.


Ollie shows his warrant card,
the uniforms motion him through
the tape; the gap on the side
of his left shoe leaks,
he squelches
across the muddy grass
avoiding puddles,
heaves himself up the steps
into the crime scene carriage.

Jane Doe sits slumped,
airbrushed makeup
on skin now wax,
dark pink lipstick smudged
on pouting lips, a face
to rival Marilyn Munroe,
framed with chestnut curls;
a slight scent of lily of the valley
reminds Ollie of his great aunts,
powder faces with dead foxes
draped around their necks.

He scratches his eyebrow,
the overalls will do their job
interrogating Jane, he spots
a slip of paper on another seat,
pocketing it he walks
through to the next carriage,
the makeshift incident room.

He grabs a teabag,
puts it in a double paper cup,
the urn is hot,
he fills the cup,
smells red dragon oolong tea;
a young pale uniform
in hushed tones tells him
a witness called,
hung up, they’ll trace the call.

Ollie reads the note, it’s
a bank slip for ten thousand.
His left foot’s cold,
he removes his shoe and sock
to massage it,
tries to connect some dots,
his eyebrow itches.

Jane Doe looks familiar…


6 thoughts on “Slip Alley VII

  1. airbrushed makeup
    on skin now wax,
    dark pink lipstick smudged
    on pouting lips,

    nice description…and i really like the last couple lines as well where you break down each movement…as he connects the dots…fun installment marousia

  2. Gawd, this is such fun!! Agatha Christy, Mickey Spillane, all you guys…move over! the details..dead foxes around the necks of aunts, cold squishy wet feet…makes the readers feel they are there…What next? Cant’ wait!!!

  3. Oh, super job, M! I love this series….and the flow in this is just fabulous, for me….I hope you’re going to gather this series up in some way? It’s terrific! 🙂

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