Slip Alley IV

Sveta sits in her apartment
staring absently at a white screen,
filing her chartreuse manicured nails,
playing with possibilities
in arcs.


Somewhere a woman
wearing mortician’s makeup
boards a long distance train
with a Prada bag, inside
an unread Christie novel.

The train pulls out,
she watches factories,
back alleys,
green verges choked
with morning glory
give way to open fields.

A swaying motion,
the train slows,
she looks up
from Murder She Wrote.

She looks through
sliding windows
into another train,
a couple kissing,
his hand upon her breast,
a child pulls faces
to scare the Bogey Man,
a man strangles a woman,
she blinks, someone soon
will get ten thousand dollars
deposited in his bank.

8 thoughts on “Slip Alley IV

  1. My chartreuse nails are bitten to the quick reading this….My God! What happens next. You put us on trains…more, more!!!

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