Slip Alley III

Jack steps into a bar,
faded leather sofas
wallpaper once flocked.

“A glass of your best Shiraz, please”,
he stares into dark ruby depths,
trying to remember
how he came to be here.

A rustling in his pocket,
an embossed envelope,
he opens it
and reads the contract:
For each rival you eliminate
you shall receive
ten thousand dollars.

Jack drains his glass, stands,
cracks his knuckles,
saunters to the ATM,
ten thousand dollars
deposited today,
he flips a coin: heads.

He leaves, walks
picking his way
past silver coins of the moon
caught in oily puddles.

He wonders how the John Doe
had been his rival.

11 thoughts on “Slip Alley III

  1. “silver coins of the moon caught in oily puddles” love that! Agree with Matt about the excellent noir quality. Give us more! Great stuff :))

  2. lol 🙂 very cool didn’t know you were taking to writing stories of sorts like this very much ..especially the dark edge you have give for readers .. makes me want more :))) beez

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