Slip Alley II

Jack stands on the corner,
a vague recollection bending his mind,
a woman, platinum blonde,
hourglass figure, black suede pumps,
Chanel red lips
and a waft of subtle expensive tuberose,
an incongruous detail
given her Eastern European accent;
he expected something
more obvious like Poison …

A wind picks up cigarette packets,
manically tosses them into the air,
dust motes dance a fandango with moths
in the penumbra of a fluorescent street light.

Blue and white lights strobe,
breaking the shadows, wailing,
then silence but for the sounds
of an urban night.

Two suits and a skirt slam
three doors gathering
around the John Doe
like buzzards,
one flashes a camera, over and over,
the other suit blathers on a phone
stabbing the air with his fingers.

stands mesmerised
by the crime scene tape unfolding,
melting his spine into the brick wall;
he rubs his new finger print whorls
over the unfired piece in his pocket,
again he looks at his contract,
he’s been handsomely paid
without any effort.

The skirt snaps on thin latex gloves,
prods at the ooze in the gaping hole
where the blood fell out
with cotton buds,
screwing them into cylinders,
carefully. She stands arching her back,
looking up and down the alley
for something or someone
out of place.

Jack watches her look
right through him…

The skirt spots a woman gawping in glee
with a  dark pink collagen mouth,
thinks of a blown up rubber doll,
and wonders whose fantasy is that.

Jack walks away, invisibly.

11 thoughts on “Slip Alley II

  1. Wow… man I am loving this series. The awesome description of the scene, the characters’ actions and expressions … everything is so wonderfully written … my God… this is AWESOME 🙂

  2. Dashell Hammit move over….wow, M! this is terrific! The poetry is grand…but you could also write a suspense thriller…so why don’t you?

  3. Absolutely riveting series M ~ I can visualize the book with all the poems in sequence ~ an extended poetic narrative. Pattiann Rogers did something similar with ‘Legendary Performance’ ~ totally different subject matter but a sort of chronicle of events of a set of characters that she had invented. Would you consider approaching a publisher now with the idea? These poems are so grippingly good … like all others have said, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one to arrive 🙂

  4. Due to your requests for more dear friends, I am going to build this series into a poetic novella so please do watch this space and let me know what you think

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