Slip Alley I

An apartment window opens,
an alley in the heart of Melbourne,
people bustle down the centre,
some stop for coffee at the cafe,
all seem to be carrying phones.

The sun is still low.
Sveta looks down,
stretches aware of every pore
in her fingers and toes.

A man catches her eye.
She calls him Jack.
He leans against a lamp post
in the shadows
wearing sunglasses.

Sveta clatters
down Art Deco stairs.
She slinks towards Jack
whispers conspiratorially,
“You have a choice,
a game of chance,
leave now
all your obligations
shall be discharged.
You will be completely free.”

Jack looks at Sveta
with a deep recognition
and leaves.

Jack stands at the corner
the sky deep azure
blood streaked.
A body lies crumpled,
leaking ooze, he thinks,
“Why am I still here,
what have I done today?”

He slips his hand
to his inside pocket
feels a large envelope.
Inside is the contract, signed.


Open Link Night ~ Week 39

16 thoughts on “Slip Alley I

  1. I do like the story telling here, and I love how you have constructed the images here. Very vivid.

    And It’s probably a happy coincidence but they way you’ve placed the dVerse link, it’s like the man has an invitation for Open Link Night.

  2. Wow! mysterious, deep, dark…a contract, and signed? You gonna write a sequel to this…or leave us guessing? A new side revealed..M…I find this intriguing and a meaty write!

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