Gypsy Flames

This poem is a homage to love and Leonard Cohen – the muse brushed me as I was listening to “Dance Me To The End of Love” – Craig posted a link to the song, I listened transported. The link is here

Violins burn
with a flame of pure love,
a true wedding
he gazes at her;
an exquisite longing
quilts all who partake
into a love that swirls
from the edges of time,
rising from ashes
of imploded worlds
in flames green, orange , violet,
naked hands stroking,
touch palm to palm
with quivering smiles
and tender eyes
blinking back tears,
longing, wanting to drown
in wild gypsy flames
dancing on steppes
swallowed by sky
spiralling starlight
crowning the moon,
and the singer sings
lala lala la lala lala la
and the chorus joins in
cradling our souls…


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