Born in 1915, my aunt stands
by her husband’s grave,
we pull some errant dandelions
working in a stoic silence.

Each of us immersed in reveries,
I watch her hands once square and strong
remembering her garden
where petunias bloomed in rows
like nineteenth century soldiers.

 Her heavy breaths take me to her  youth
lost to the screams of war… and then
a displaced peace and an exchange
of bombed out cities
and refugee camps for an alien land.

She sighs, to turns to me
to speak with brittle eyes,
“there is space here for me but
I don’t want to share with him,
he betrayed me when I young,
I was so stupid,
the gossips said he had son, not mine
while I was pregnant… it was true…
I found out later…

How do I tell my son,
I do not want
to be buried here…
to rot forever by his side…
On the other hand,
with my bones on top of his,
laid on his mouldy heap
I can make him uncomfortable
in his eternal rest,
haunting him beyond this grave.
The priest tells me to pray for peace
but I would be a wonderful ghost”
She looks at me and grins.


26 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Oh!! This is delicious! Made me laugh this morning, Marousia….you just have to live long enough for revenge. LOL!

    A good one…a zinger!

    Lady Nyo

  2. One of the great privileges of getting really old is the ability to say exactly what you think, and do exactly as you please, as much as possible. I like her attitude. And I like the way you painted her here for us with your words.

  3. oh heck…that is tough…. really a fine drawn portrait marousia, takes an unexpected turn for sure…and glad she found the strength to tell someone after all these years of silence… must have been a big burden all those years..

  4. Ahh…Karma. I love her attitude.
    There is nothing like the deep hurt of betrayal and nothing like the satisfaction of karma. Even into the grave. She sounds like a right feisty woman and, one with a sense of humour too. Loved all the the imagery in this!

  5. smiles…i like her grin in the end…and the htought of being a wonderful ghost…it is hard you know…betrayal stings so deep and it carries forward…cool piece marousia…all very real…

  6. How interesting that she confided these things to you. You and she must have had a close relationship. Now I wonder what the result will be, whether she will indeed be buried with him or tell her son she wishes to be buried elsewhere!

  7. Loved this although such bitterness and resentment and for her the ultimate revenge …brilliant write kind of creepy but with humour thanks for sharing x

  8. I love this spirited story. The description of the rows really lingered with me. Such a heartbreaking discovery in such a difficult time. I love the grinning thought of her wanting to wonder after death, if that is how she will find peace.

    Wonderful story. Thank you for visiting my way. 🙂

  9. there are some things i like here a lot, like “i would be a wonderful ghost” and how she questions how to tell her son she doesn’t want to be buried there, which makes the whole idea of not being buried there very intriguing indeed

    events cocatenated

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