Ekphrasis: An Artist’s Studio in Hue

The image was kindly provided by Chris G Nguyen as a prompt for me.

The Artist’s Studio in Hue

Photo copyrighted to Chris G Nguyen

Leaving street dusted shoes
at the door, cool tiles find
the corners of my feet,
he places a pottery beaker
filled with fragrant tea
with deep green notes
in my hand, we smile.

Brushes arranged
with ikebana care
in jars that celebrate
clay unadorned
proportion left to speak,
hand wrought table
bearing gifts, a supplication
to the spirit of place.


10 thoughts on “Ekphrasis: An Artist’s Studio in Hue

  1. Wonderful word picture that takes beyond limits of photograph. ” Brushes arranged/ with ikebana care” lovely way to describe. Very nice indeed.

  2. Like this so much…meaningful to me because it speaks of someone belonging to something important…rather than something belonging to someone I will remember this one!

  3. ‘a supplication to the spirit of place’ … this beautiful poem celebrates the artist and her space &, also, the relationship between the artist & her bringer of tea. And the whole interplay of life both inside & outside the studio is captured by the stroking of your words.

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