Deviated Sink

She asked for help
with her front garden.

The path to her front door
cluttered with pots
on their sides, soil
spilling earthworms,
slaters and millipedes,
her dog smiles,
wags his tail
to those who venture past the gate
stuck shut by kikuyu grass…

The scent wafting
out her door
catches in my throat,
the front porch
an archeological site
of plans and visions
for her house and garden.

I start to dig through
her dreams now turned to mulch,
I find a sink with water
decorated with
swirling algae tendrils,
a home for mosquitoe larvae.

I ask about the sink
as I clear debris
brightly telling her
her feng shui will be improved.

She reminds me of her
home improvements,
the sink on her front porch
is meant to replace another sink
she hated and removed
five years ago;
there is still a gaping hole,
blushes and laughs as she continues,
hasn’t had a chance to fix it,
tells me next, she washes
in the kitchen sink
getting by without the bathroom.

4 thoughts on “Deviated Sink

  1. Things left undone, the detrius of our lives sometimes make our lives detrius. Something terribly sad about someone who says they can do without the bathroom. Cleaning up the mess in our lives can be a Herculean task. Oh, those mosquito larvae! Interesting work here, M!

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