Tail End Days

Down to the bone,
the ham, a mere echo
of diamonds studded
with cloves;
christmas tree shedding
fine needles,
lights askew and bald patches
a marvellous hide
for an ambush,
a cat’s paw betrays
her exuberant presence
stalking her brother…

I am lost in a parallel world
reading in the dark,
a world where
the anointed hear voices
of little people,
I sit on my sofa
bathed in afternoon sun,
somewhere a honeyeater squawks
to sounds of a hose
making sun flowers.

Again anticipation builds
thoughts of a ball
crashing in Times Square,
fireworks lighting up bridges
and towers, chrysanthemum
flowers painting the sky,
a chase of celebrations
as the Earth rotates,
while dogs howl with sore ears
and some lose their way…

I shall be here
with my dog, I am thinking
of getting him ear muffs
for New Year.

This is for DVerse

Open Link Night, Week 24

16 thoughts on “Tail End Days

  1. Hahahahaha! ur doggie with the ear muffs…both of you trying to muffle the noisy Times Square entrance of the New Year…midst the shedding tail end celebration of Christmas…pine needles shedding…cats playing among the ruins…love it. Like the sunflower;s brazen imagry. Love all of this…and feel the staleness, the brassy noise…love it all! :)))

  2. haha…love it marousia..lost in parallel worlds and howling dogs, losing their way..vivid.. and i think getting the dog ear muffs is smart..our dog was always terrified when the new year’s fireworks started but honestly..didn’t think of getting him ear muffs…

  3. Yeah all the dogs I’ve had have been scared as well. My cats just look up and yawn, like who cares and then go back to sleep. Or they go and look, but they never seem scared. And earmuffs are a great idea..haha

  4. smiles…nice progression in this marousia…the new year is coming…and some will lose their way…nice sombre line there…i like to hear the little voices…

  5. The weave between solitary contentment and collective exultation (and smash-up, love that crashed glitter ball) resolves with a fine sense of contentment in one’s own skin, with a slight suggestion that all the wild celebration is intended by those who can’t stand their own confines of bone. My wife and I will be asleep by 10.

  6. Read it several times … caught me from the first line
    “Down to the bone,
    the ham, a mere echo
    of diamonds studded
    with cloves…”

    As baked ham is a tradition in my country on Christmas day that was one of my favourite images 🙂 But the poem is sooo good!

  7. Very enveloping poem, marousia–I was there, watching the cats, and felt that delicious sense of immersion in the book. My dog *hates* fireworks, but I doubt I could keep earmuffs on her for long. ;_) Happy New Year to you and the honeyeaters, cats, dogs and flowers.

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