Dear Leader

Dear Leader
of a people’s democracy,
you are now
on the other side
of the veil.

And you shall be remembered

Yuri Irsenovich Kim,
you sucked the teat
of the Soviet empire
blighting the land
with famine,
the steps
of your steel mentor…

You watched
the iron state
rust holes
letting in light
and the freedom
to choose.

you carefully
with anti-corrosive
government camps
to block out the light.

No, I shall not forget you,
I pray for the redemption
of broken hearts,
food without fear,
and the right to dissent.


6 thoughts on “Dear Leader

  1. true, such people should not be forgotten…and neither should their deeds.
    there’s a passionate need for realism that guided your hand and your mind writing this – and the poem is highly sharp!

  2. Dear Leader
    You are now on the other side of the veil
    Remembering all that you have done
    All that you came to do in this world
    Your life here is over once again
    So Sleep a while in the darkness
    Then move forward into the light
    Love and compassion await you
    Do not be fearful or worried
    The dark edges of our world
    Cut you as deeply as sin
    All of us are in this together
    Caught in the fire of pain
    And the shadows of wrath
    We who remain still suffer
    Our souls tormented and stained
    Haunted like the moon eclipsed
    Covered in bloody shadows
    Waiting our turn at the grave.
    Yes we will remember you
    Please remember us as well
    For we too will pass over one day.
    On this journey of the soul’s awakening

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