Cracks of Angst

A Portrait of an Unhappy Man

He spends his days
plastering broken wings
with transient words
and paper cups
of medications
that seem to dull the pain
of those trapped
in dreary loops
but not the cause,
their jaundiced drugged eyes
infect his gaze,
drawing him deep within
to seek solace
in their fractured worlds;
he slips between
cracks of angst.

And then he spies
a well turned butt,
unmarked thighs
that promise
pneumatic bliss…
her breasts are pert,
he imagines
rose bud nipples,
never cracked
by a squalling infant’s mouth.

He follows…

Haunted by
proper thoughts
of his wife at home,
he wryly recollects
how he told her
before friends and family
on their silver anniversary
“I love every wrinkle,
every scar I celebrate,
such wondrous depths
are etched upon your body
a cartography of our marriage
I love the silver in the gold
of your hair,”
then renewed
his marriage vows,
fingers crossed,
avoiding his own reflection
in the mirror.

He stops…

5 thoughts on “Cracks of Angst

  1. A captivating poem that has a vein of sadness running through the whole of it ~ & a poem that I can also readily identify with from my past life as a therapist. ‘He slips between cracks of angst’ … utterly brilliant! I do love your poetry, Marousia ~ every line in your poem is an essential part of the whole that keeps things flowing from beginning to end. Really powerful stuff. 🙂

  2. I see also a vein of sarcasm in this poem, his medicating others to stay put and wishing he could sink to those same uncaring depths, yet not so removed that he doesn’t notice and desire else.

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