Happy Ending?

Island retreat:
cerulean waves
caress pebble beach cliffs
with gnarled faces,
castle ramparts
poke through green
on the ridges;
a keep for a lady
with wheaten hair
distractedly spinning,
dreaming her prince
beyond the rim
of the waves.

Lightning crackles
to the drum
of galloping hooves,
motley clouds gather;
gulls wheel screaming,
‘mine’, as she hears
footsteps ascending
the stairs, her heart
fills with dread.

A thump on the door,
the spindle scuttles
across the bowed floor,
she looks around
with eyes wide blue,
her mouth a delicate cavern,
studded with pearls,
as a melodious tenor
says, ‘open the door,
I’ve banished the
wicked magician,
you are free… to be mine.”


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