On a Platform

On a platform
in a garden district
I stand
counting puff balls
in the sky,
tracing shadows
white on white.

of half a conversation
intrude between
the clouds,
“I checked his facebook,
he talks to her each night,”
“yeah, that’s what he said,”
“so, he posts a pic of us
from the party, last night”
“yeah, ok, bye, talk later, bye, bye…”

On the platform
landing strip,
two magpies land,
look at me,
we share the sun,
sniffing the breeze.


6 thoughts on “On a Platform

  1. This poem is SO good! It is so good because it plays with space … and in the middle of that space is a half-heard conversation that immediately whisked me away to a book: ‘Dubliners’, by James Joyce. For sandwiched between stanzas in this cleverly composed & quite beautiful poem lies an epiphany. Absolutely captivating 🙂

  2. A perfect verse of detached attachment so much sanitized in each word that the message is crystal clear. Great platform indeed!!

  3. yes, at one and the same time a platform for thoughts. from ‘on the platform’, platformed beautifully Marousia .. took me right there, unable to avoid the convos within earshot but then notice there were two magpies coupled with the sun (one for sorrow, two for joy ..) and the breeze .. transports come .. we could just stand and be bored or take an interest in what surrounds, even if some can’t avoid 🙂 .. Loved it x Hugs Lib

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