Tail wags

Flat out like a lizard drinking,
I write out my to-do list
on the homebound train
at the end of the day ,
a fond illusion of control.
When all is said and done
the tail wags the dog;
I am stuck between
a rock and a hard place,
yet there is always
a light at the end of a tunnel,
let’s hope it’s not
an oncoming train.

This is for the dVerse prompt – the prompt was about idioms so I tried to compose my whole poem out of idioms and cliches.

Poetics: What did you call me?

13 thoughts on “Tail wags

  1. ha, yeah that could get a little messy…love moving things off that to do…forget complete control i go for controlled chaos…smiles. nice on the tail wagging the dog, i think you may be the first to use that…

  2. Love the first line, Aussiefied. My husband worked with some men from Australia, and I’ve never forgotten that expression since he brought it home and told us about it. Fun, fun, fun.

  3. haha…cool…yes..hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train..and i’ve give up on writing to do lists…i go for mindmaps…but maybe they’re even worse..smiles

  4. flat out like a lizard drinking… funny start to this piece …you’re to-do list isn’t gettin’ done.

    the fond illusion of control is cool usage of a delusion we all at one time or another fall victim to.

    and the tail wagging the dog …the nonsense of the act.

    all idiom usage is excellently performed here.

    the last lines are the punches to this poem.
    great beginning, middle, and end.

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