Still the sun shall rise

Another spring,
footy finals fever,
the American Open,
the sun shines,

written on my children’s faces
watching towers fall,
deep felt knowledge,
still the sun shall rise.

I pray a requiem,
eternal memory
for all brave souls,
shining beacons
rest in peace.

For dVerse

Poetics – In Memoriam

14 thoughts on “Still the sun shall rise

  1. and it’s good the sun rises and life continues…and we hopefully learn from this…from both..the horrible thing that happened that day and from the sun..good write marousia

  2. Very balanced yet deeply felt it seemed to me, stressing a sense of sanity amidst the madness that respects loss, acknowledges significance, yet carries on the business of living as a protest against the dark.

  3. Pausing and remembering, being in touch with our past enough to tread in a more wise way into our futures where the sun rises every day … the hope of peace. Beautiful and mindful, Marsha. Q x

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