Flower Shop

This poem was inspired by a haiku by Amos1939 who will be well know to some of you from twitter,

“many love stories ~at a florist shop ~ if flowers can speak” (@Amoz1939, 05/09/11)

I could not resist, so here is a love story for Amoz’s florist shop.

Flower Shop

A tendril of hair escapes
a red silk bandana
careless tied, she pushes at it
impatiently, carefully placing baby’s breath
between hot pink long stemmed roses
flown from a green house
across the once exotic seas.
‘There are cards over here,
did you want to send a message?’

He picks through the cards
carefully reading copy
‘Deepest Sympathy, Happy Anniversary,
Congratulations on Your New Baby,
Happy Birthday, Many Happy Returns,
Sorry, Happy Valentine’s Day’.

They all sounded trite,
he was about to ask
for a plain slip of paper instead,
then he found a card
with a simple ink crane,
thankfully blank inside,
he sucked his pen,
furrowed his brow,
smiled and wrote:
‘Dearest Lillian,
you are my life,
please be my wife,
yours if you’ll have me,
Barry. XXX’

‘Would you like blue and orange paper,
and a pretty silver bow?
The driver will deliver them tonight’

‘That’ll do nicely.’

8 thoughts on “Flower Shop

  1. Great response to @Amoz1939’s haiku. A wonderful, whimsical tale you have woven. Lucky man to have found the card with the ink crane. How true it is that the best cards are the blank ones.

  2. Odd they don’t make a card for the single most wonderful, beautiful relationship that two two people could ever dream to embark upon… But then your character was correct….. a cheesy, coined phrase on a card would never do for this intensely tender and beautiful bit of romantic vision that you just spilled into me…… Thank you for that…….

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