Sun dark thoughts

Sun dark thoughts tease my mind
a subtle insistence, an edge
of a memory; the cast of light
feels unbearably familiar
this early spring afternoon.

A blink and I’m there. Arum lilies
tower over my head, in my hands
a box Brownie camera loaded,
I look, try to see the garden
in monochrome.

The grass becomes bamboo,
a ladybug bright red and black,
I see in black and grey,
brightly decorated shoe box,
in a forest with exotic blooms.

Then I recollect a hideous noise,
tingles of fear shiver my veins;
a propeller plane screams overhead.
“it’s only a plane”, I tell myself
and fight the urge to run.

My much older sister
pale and trembling bravely
huddled me close under a table,
home alone, our parents at work;
a propeller plane roared  overhead.

This is a revised version for dVerse 

Open Link Night ~ Week 8


17 thoughts on “Sun dark thoughts

  1. Fear enters the simple black and white garden of innocence, and everything changes. Strong and lyric writing here, marousia. The lady bug stands out for me.

  2. You have this uncanny ability, dear M., to sometimes scare the hell outa me. Memories do come back, often, not in color but in greys and blacks and whites. And this one with that insisting image of the propellered plane overhead. Danger…the beautiful lady bug in grey..Thanks, I think! In all seriousness, a brilliantly portrayed dream memory. High five!

  3. wow…you turned my head on a dime…i was all peaceful and happy and then that darn plane ruined my day…you had my heart going there for a second as well at what might come next…

  4. …it all was so peaceful and then the darkness came…if played or real…doesn’t matter much for a child when you feel you’re inside the fear wave…beautifully done

  5. I liked the contrast of colour and ‘monochrome’ you’ve used here and the way your thoughts, feelings and memories reveal themselves in the second part.. // Peter

  6. What an incredibly wonderful memory you created here from something way before your time I think, and you have an excellent way of choosing words to beautify it……. this is simply lovely…….. your imagination is majestic….. a box brown camera….. I purchased one of those around 1980 at an estate sale, hidden in a box full of turn-of-the-centruy medical books. i still smell it’s lingering antique-ness in my mind….. I can remember holding it in my hands and looking through it’s cloudy viewfinder to see the hundreds of faces that must have smiled into it, some of them maybe still in their knickers…. A time when prop planes were new and foreign, their roaring sound streaking into the lives of those who witnessed them for the first time…. a time when still the occasional horse on the road would neigh and bay at the sound of an approaching tin lizzie…. You, young man or young lady, whatever you are is doubtlessly very talented…… You have an overwhelming ability to exercise your creative imagination. And you also have a new friend and follower…… I’m John and I am really happy to know you……

    • Thank you so much. I am delighted that I have triggered some of your memories and touched you in some way. And thank you for deeming my scribbles worthy of your ongoing attention.

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