Neophyte watcher
a mission to be there
recording responses
crosses a threshold
to a looking glass world,
everything’s strange,
even the sun
feels more intense.

The neophyte steps
through spirals,
triangular conversations
with unspoken rules
easily breached;
jumps through clouds
loses sight of the shaman
in the mist alongside.

Thought tendrils snaking
towards rosy boundaries,
mirror projections
singing siren songs,
invoking a place
where all is familiar
and there are no companions
and no going back.

Sharp hiss of air,
a strong hand clasp
awakens the neophyte
immersed in deep clouds;
the mirror dissolves,
projections fall,
the others return,
in a circle they land.

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 2


18 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. I love the journey into the hidden, the mystical, and the care in the descriptions that make it all seem dreamlike but real. The last lines of the third stanza are eloquent, and the whole piece tightly written. Enjoyed it, marousia.

  2. Marousia…this definitely messed with my head. I am going to have to sit in the imagery (the shubbery!) for a while.

    But one thing: it intrigues….definitely.

    I felt like I was flying through thick fog for some reason, but the transporting element is very strong!

    Lady Nyo

  3. so do they travel in their bodies, minds, astral projection? {don’t tell me.}

    “Thought tendrils snaking
    towards rosy boundaries,
    mirror projections
    singing siren songs,”

    striking imagery! i love how you described everything from the viewpoint of the neophyte. wonderful writing, marousia! ♥

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