Ochre Envelope

Ochre envelope
my post box;
I pull it
a spider runs
on my hand.
I shake the spider
onto a shrub.
The postmark
from USA
a wish

I carefully
a paper knife
draw out
a broadsheet
lit journal
with my poems
in excellent
(even Bukowski
once published

I look
for my poems,
with hands
carefully turning
newspaper pages
too easily torn.

At last
I find my words
then read them
they seem strange,
who wrote them?

I smell
newsprint ink.

For OneShotWednesday


15 thoughts on “Ochre Envelope

  1. Firstly, congratulations. Secondly, wonderful write about the first part.

    I love Bukowski and have been devouring ‘The Pleasures of the Damned’

  2. You build the suspense nicely–I was expecting a love letter, and in a way, I suppose it was. I can only imagine what published words look like, but I think they might indeed seem like strangers. Very attractive strangers, of course. ;_)

  3. We all understand the anticipation and excitement of opening that ochre envelope..Acceptance? Rejection? That stomach slipping moment when the eye hits the print. YES! `Wow moment! Well deserved, my friend!

  4. dear Marousia you never told beez Im sorry i just see now so hard as you know keeping up with everyone So belated but heartfelt Congratulations this is wonderful news.. I love how you have placed all this in your poem here to celebrate your excitement with your friends here on line The best to you dear M always beez hugz Big ONES :))))

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