An ethnographic poem – draft

Encounter in Hanoi

I hail,
he stops,
we chat
about our lives
and hopes
and families,

Thank to all my Twitter friend for your feedback. I have submitted it.


7 thoughts on “An ethnographic poem – draft

    • I am aiming to use poetry to write ethnography – thanks for the suggestion about romance, I should add the affection he showed his wife perhaps….. instead πŸ™‚ I am trying to tell it like it was – I am not sure it’s working as either poetry or ethnography

  1. Your story telling and the rhythm of the piece is perfect; I really like this poem, Marousia.

    Two things I noticed: 2nd stanza, last line in English should be “my family” not “mine” unless there is intended cross reference to German “mein”? Also 4th stanza, 6th line: two words transposed “Greets in me Russian” should be “greets me in Russian” ?

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