The vodka bottle sweats
on the bench
as I chop eggplant, onions;
ratatouille’s on the go,
it needs tomato juice
so it doesn’t stick.

I pour some in the steaming pot,
and fill a glass, tomato juice
with a generous splash of vodka for the cook,
Ah, that hits the spot.

Bread pops up.
The toaster does it to a perfect gold;
I open a jar of Beluga caviar,
place a spoonful carefully
on each toast triangle,
a pretty morsel for the guests,
I should taste one,
washed down
with a slug of Bloody Mary,
life is good.


3 thoughts on “Toaster

  1. mouthwatering !! tomato juice my favorite tipple w/dash of fresh lime and tabasco ~ but some of that beluga on toast w/it .. scrummy .. eating yur words Marousia 🙂 ~ Lib ~
    twitter @Libithina

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