Crocus Dreaming

Vibrant crocus blooms
In earth untouched by snow
Dreaming familiar climes
In an ancient continent
Down under

Crocus in Melbourne

NaPoWRiMo #20

One Shot Wednesday


13 thoughts on “Crocus Dreaming

  1. Hi Marousia! Didn’t know you were in Melbourne! I have a friend from there, now in Canberra…and he hates that city..wants to move back to Melbourne.

    Loved your simple, and deep poem on the crocuses….and I love those plants too. This year planted crocus for the first time….they are wonderful little winter into spring gems.

    Next year will plant all the bulbs in a strawberry pot. They look wonderful popping out in those holes! They can get lost in the landscape unless they are in rock gardens, stone troughs, or naturalized in landscapes by broadcasting. But they are welcome from the winter doldrums in any case.

    Lady Nyo

  2. strength in brevity and succinctness. Pow. Like this Marousia. (ps if you want somewhere to get constructive crit/honest feedback in a creative, collaborative environment of accelerated learning, I run a group for this. If you’re interested, the link is on my blogroll (group’s called Facial Expression Poetry Circle)

    Warmest Salad


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