A tarnished dented teapot
rubbed by many hands
sits in her carpet bag.
Monogramed teaspoons
wrapped in the remnants
of a petticoat worn under
her coming out gown
lie beside the teapot.

The train’s hypnotic chant
sends her into a reverie
where she sits in a clearing
in the woods
on a rose wood settee
drinking caravan tea.

The teapot, gleaming proudly
holds the fragrant brew,
the scent mingles
with the perfume
of wild lily of the valley
growing on the forest floor.

The train screeches to a halt
she runs to catch a woman
selling hot water from a urn,
and places a gauze bag
filled with reused tea
in the teapot,
resumes her seat
as the train departs
and drinks her tea.

For NaPoWriMo

Part of POETRY POTLUCK – Photographs, Memories and Nostalgia…

19 thoughts on “Teapot

  1. I think I have an old illustration sooooo similiar to this first stanza from some of my home study program in fine arts years back!!! Love this imagery here in this!!!!!

  2. good write
    the first of urs
    ive read
    will explore
    ur blog more

    i keep wanting to read
    the last line
    as the train departs
    she drinks her tea.

    sounds right
    to my ear
    but then
    i’m a little deaf 🙂

    the poet
    my sister


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