Red Dots

People milling
at the postcard show,
hushed voices,
sneering looks,
some art works hung
in poll position
well lit spots,
close to the eye line,
others at cat height,
or under the ceiling,
some are hung
in gloomy corners
where they don’t draw
the viewer’s and
potential buyer’s gaze.
Which will win prizes?
Which will sell?

All artists hoping,
theirs are the best,
looking for red dots
that signify sold.
Looking for mine
trying to find them,
so many here,
it’s overwhelming
finally find them,
the spots where
they are hung
not too bad,
yes, I still like the black
and white umbrellas best,
no prize and
no red dots as yet.


9 thoughts on “Red Dots

  1. You take me by the hand, walking in this museum or gallery. I look through your eyes, fixated on the red spots, the black and white umbrella’s. I like it. I like you. I hope you invite me for another art visit some day!

  2. My, how you have captured the tension of art shows. That was realistic. (I mean that as a compliment.) But I have never seen a “postcard show.” Is that a real thing, or was that an allusion to one’s pictures being lost in the crowd? Hmm…

    Never mind. Don’t answer. I rather prefer the latter interpretation. 🙂

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