Wind Dragon

Wind dragon growls
Thumping the sea
Breathing water,
Wings and claws
reach out
Swirling, lashing,
Breaking radars,
Defying attempts
To predict its path.
It will have its own way,
Destroying illusions
Some will awake.


For One Shot Wednesday


17 thoughts on “Wind Dragon

  1. I’m seeing the fury of the wind and the elements–a hurricane or cyclone. I hear they revolve the opposite way in your neck of the woods–best of luck riding out the storm dragon’s wrath.

  2. “It will have its own way,
    Destroying illusions
    Some will awake.”

    So much this one could be speaking of. Before these lines, the immediate vision I had was of the great winter storm apparently bearing down on my little corner of the world, set to bury us deep…but this, this twisted my vision out, to the greater humanity, a movement, marching toward some sort of evolution, perhaps…some wake, some will not…change, as Timoteo notes, could be it. Perhaps Egypt plays into it…there’s your change, certainly…

  3. Great poem with in depth meaning!
    May be not commonly known, but everybody has his own dragons. Angry dragons, friendly dragons, despair dragons, hope dragons. This wind dragon of Marousia is a wake up dragon,to realize you to take your destiny in your own hands. Ride your own dragon!

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