A Summer Afternoon

The sound
of water
from a hose
misting thankful
grass and seedlings
leaning to the slanted sun,
a snoozing cat
stretches her toes
in dappled
shadows dancing
in the afternoon sea breeze,
as I carry fresh dry
laundry smelling
of a summer’s day.


5 thoughts on “A Summer Afternoon

  1. love the idea of the cat stretching its paws to the shadow dancing trees, to me the cat mirrors the seedlings leaning to the sun. beautiful musing Marousia, very peaceful & quiet, a sea soaked bless. nurtured.

  2. I would love to be in your place,
    my place is full of snow now…

    lovely imagery.
    Happy Weekend.
    Come to potluck again…

    claim awards via my entry on #168, potluck week 18.

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