Dancing with Amoz39

@Amoz39 and I did some unpremeditated  improvising the other night with Vampira  – a somewhat melancholy dreamy vampire. Vampira can be dark and dangerous but has a very quirky side as well, a leftover from her human days.

Here are our tweets in haiku and gogyohka form (@Amoz39 is in blue, I am in dark red):

Vampira resting
a spring pool reflects the moon
but not her

Eerie music background
Vampira’s clothes
fell to the ground
as she steps
into a dark pool

Water warm and fresh
lapped at her marble smooth skin
Vampira smiled

Vampira sees me
luminous bottomless eyes
help me, I am lost


Vampira sees
a delicious strong man
she smiles with glee

Happy I am saved
Vampira goes for lean meats
I am full of fat




One thought on “Dancing with Amoz39

  1. More, more, more. I like these vampire poems better and better. I’ve become an addict, so dangerously attractive is the theme and style. But beware, because I am the F.V.K.

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