The Abyss

Scroll III

On the brink
of the abyss
white noise
tugs at me

invisible forces
dark matter holds
all in balance
while supernovas spit
gold and platinum

Further into the abyss
back through time
galaxies collide
to birth more stars
sweet inscriptions of Shiva

deep in the abyss
swirling  cauldron of light
surrounding a heart of darkness
slowly devouring all in the visible universe


13 thoughts on “The Abyss

  1. I like that GODS Glorious Heavenly Spheres come to the Rescue of Man,Saving US from the deepest of PITS,,Demonstrating the POWER OF cARING FOR ONE ANOTHER ___Mike

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  3. Didn’t realize Light and Dark was part of a trilogy, so got to go back and read them all in sequence, which was a pleasure indeed. This is a fine one to end on, and makes the circle complete in darkness. Enjoyed them all–the first especially.

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