Light and Dark

Scroll II

Orion’s dark cloud
hides a heart of light,
energy, radiation
and matter
the midwife of a star.

Celestial cycles,
red, blue, violet, magenta light
radiation winds
swirl back and forth
through time

Cosmic minefields;
death throes of stars,
cores cannot hold:
black holes
are born.


For One Shot Wednesday Week 26


20 thoughts on “Light and Dark

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  2. Lord marousia, this one is especially fine. It feels like a fragment of some lost epic, the kind that explain how the universe and man and all the creatures came to be, but time has eaten off the rest of the pages.

    Really liked it.

  3. I grew up on the high plains. I once thought in Greece the stars would be brighter and maybe once they were but with the magnified eyes of a child, I saw them in the Texas panhandle as through a telescope. I can tell you true…stars are every color! beautiful work Marousia. Gay

  4. This took me back over 22-years ago when I sailed the pacific. I used to love laying flat on the deck about three in the morning, allowing the stars to take me away to the far away heavens. Wonderful poem!

  5. Stunning! Love this energy, and this way you’ve written of it, seems to cast a “life” all its own in the celestial beauty! Very very nice! 🙂 ~April

  6. Cosmic and scientific – the joining of science and poetry, hurrah! Logical expression of these celestial realities, yet with such lovely descriptives as “midwife of a star.” Well written with well-executed images.

  7. Seems I’m working backward through these, but that may well not matter, here or in the larger scheme of things. The midsection of this piece especially stands out, and the suggestion of a buffeting wind there is wonderful.

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