Solstice Night

Dotted on the surface  people watch
orbital ellipses eclipse in love
while holly and ivy,
green promises of the turning Earth
decorate the hearth
on Solstice night.

Ancestral souls in close orbit
sing celestial madrigals,
raise candles high
to celebrate
surrender to the universe
on Solstice night.
Raise your cup
to find redemption
as harmony
in celestial spheres
promises  love and light
on Solstice night.

20 thoughts on “Solstice Night

  1. Ah! So many today seem to have been so inspired by last night’s eclipse…I am so annoyed I was unable to witness it. The clouds, however, made that an impossibility…bloody shame.

    You, however, have brought forth beautiful imagery here, eliciting an almost spiritual harmony in this celestial majesty. Such a night you show us here, with passion and with mirth. Makes it all so romantic…a lovely write, Marousia!

  2. I agree that this is a wonderful poem that is so timely. It makes me almost feel like I shared in the eclipse as well. At least I can still celebrate the solstice under the full moon. Thanks for visiting mine.

  3. So very beautiful. Such an incredible “magnetic” pull in these words, turning & changing, as seasons, and as this amazing event taking place.
    Didn’t get to see that fascinating eclipse (clouds) but felt, however the cloud effects of the evening here were fantastic, with deep reds & orange illuminating the entire sky before the moon could even be seen/if it were to be seen.
    Your poem takes me there too with such a unique view. Wonderful!!! ~April

  4. Lovely poem, marousia. I love the image of the earth circled by the ancestral souls, all in harmony, all rejoined for one night of celebration and unity. (Missed seeing the eclipse here–all clouds, but it was there anyway, wasn’t it? )

  5. It’s wonderful a full celebration of life brought together for all time.

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    and Merry Christmas

  6. Oh Boo, Marousia!
    I waited up with binoculars from 1:30am to 2:33am….and just as the moon flashed like an angry squid….one SECOND of color!….

    …..the clouds obscured it! nothing else to be seen.

    At least your poem gave me a chance to celebrate this celestial event!

    We had a short reading that night before, but nothing like your lovely poem.

    You have such a way with twinning words! I was able to recapture this marvelous, unearthly event only in your words.

    Thank you, Marousia! I look each week for what you have done. Please don’t ever stop your poetry.


    Lady Nyo

  7. What a magnificent capture of the event in poetry. I watched it and it will be my mystical memory of the season. I think it was made more so by the cooperation of Texas weather. We’ve been given a very warm spell here for a few days and it was comfortable to sit in camp chairs and survey the sky for two hours contemplating the movement of space and time and earth’s relation to it. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a joyous 2011. Gay @beachanny

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