Human sensations,
of the thin crust
our planet.

All places are not alike;
some are friendly fertile homelands,
others inhospitable wildernesses,
and some places have disgusting smells,
like our imaginings of hell
where the crust has fissures
and molten lava bubbles out.

We like to tame
and reconfigure places
to project our hopes and dreams,
as well as fears and faith,
through architecture
and conjecture,
creating a constructed social order
so we can hide away
from our mammalian selves.


6 thoughts on “Topophilia

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  2. I often re-visit the scented drawers & musty cupboards of my childhood … sit in its dusty attics; play in its muddy fields … as a way of escaping the ‘bad architecture’ of my present.

    Yet I can find a similar solace & safety in my present space as I wander from room to room to garden back to room … & all that those spaces contain within them.

    And who knows what future dwelling spaces I may come to know? My ‘dream home’ … will it ever materialize? Or is the dream enough in itself?

    A beautiful, thought-provoking poem: more-than a collection of words that lifted me out of my present into a space of long-ago’s & beyonds. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  3. Its not any wonder, how/why we can tend to hide…or try to hide from ourselves or our surrounding environments. This writing really tells a lot in it. Amazing how “thin” that “crust” of our planet really is…just as how thin a line between the good and the evils of a world we must live in, attempting to survive it all….including that felt of love.

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