Pedicels support
your spiky bracts
resembling small canoes
filled with your reproductive parts
of gorgeous florets, tongues and stamens,
Strelizia, you are far from home
where friendly sun-birds
spread your pollen
upon their pretty breasts,
in exchange for sweet nectar.
Yet you adapt so graciously
Exiled from your homeland
Seducing everyone anew in spring
To claim a sunlit garden space,
Teaching native nectar birds
The bounty of your taste
Ensuring fertile seeds
For a new country
To grow here,
in my garden.


For One Shot Wednesday


19 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. You’ve made gardening seem rather sexy. I have a very ungreen thumb, but I love the results drawn forth by those blessed with gardening ability. And join you (and the birds and bees) in being grateful that birds-of-paradise have decided to stay a while.

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I love company.

  2. I love to garden and am already missing spring so I can get my hands dirty again.
    Thank you for this lovely poem, giving me a glimpse of spring on this wintery evening : )

  3. Love the garden metaphors, and this poem has so many that work so well. If you live where you can grow Bird of Paradise outdoors in your garden, I envy you greatly. It’s, as you describe so exactly, a beautiful and amazing plant.

  4. Pretty pretty pretty!! The poem and the flower!!! If only we humans could adapt so easily 🙂
    This was a beautifully constructed poem, Marousia… enjoyed the sweet scented ride…

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