Vampira dreams of sunlight

Vampira dreams
Of languorous summer days
That stretched forever
And adventures lasting eons
sunrise and sunset;
Of soft warm air
Caressing her skin,
Of holding up her hands
And seeing parts transparent
Against the sun,
Of making rainbows
with the garden hose,
Of lying on her back
And seeing life inscribed
Beneath her eyelids
In orange, red and gold.

13 thoughts on “Vampira dreams of sunlight

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  2. This poem is analogous to those ppl who r living in the Mammouth cave where darkness prevail ..those ppl r longing to get out but they find that sunrays r very hot and finally decide hotness of sunrays or freedom is better than darkness and cool

  3. Beautiful and wistful vampire dreams…I certainly wouldn’t want to live forever if I had to give up the sun. “Life inscribed behind her eyelids…” is an excellent image capture.

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