Landscapes are framed
but never static: they are
inhabited, practiced
scenery made up of
transposed and
sometimes contested
memory strata
migrated from elsewhere
to reflect dreams and aspirations,
which carry the weight
of past events and myths,
in sometimes sacred places.

Captured landscapes
Are fragile expressions in
monochrome or in
red, green, and blue hues;
saturated, filtered
interpreted, abstracted
to be read as a defiance
against an impossibility
of experiencing and
remembering all at once.

For One Shot Wednesday


22 thoughts on “Landscape

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  2. I’ve read through this twice, marousia, and feel I need to read it a few more times to really appreciate it. I like the cerebral examination and dissection that changes something finite and physical into something mental and boundless, that tries to reveal the true nature of what is there, both seen and unseen, in a ‘captured’ work. Liked it very much.

  3. Thought provoking.Like hedgewitch ,I ,too read it twice.Don’t want to miss the message your words wanted to convey.The imagery is great.This is one style I still haven’t mastered.

    Thanks for sharing and for your sweet comment on my side,too.

  4. Like others, this stew is so rich in analytical detail, something of the twistings of the mind and memory, I had to read it over and over. Still, I get bits and pieces, but all of them weave themselves into a very satisfying statement.

    This is a very different approach to a poem, about a particular subject that I wouldn’t have begun to imagine. That is what is so wonderful about poetry and poets: they bring so much to the table.

    A deeply inventive and satisfying poem. One that travels well.

    Lady Nyo

  5. the opening stanza is perfect as a statement in itself
    but the second one is the eye opener
    the fragility of the worked presentation, and the reading of the same
    the defiance in the opportunity created for simultaneous experiencing and remembering
    and so keenly observed as usual

  6. Potent imagery, very rich. Strong sense of detail – it goes deeper than the landscape provided to us. You’ve used this imagery and these words as a clever little way to delve down lay bare some very fine observations. Beautiful work.

  7. This really sets to me like psychology, analyzing and deciphering all matters at hand, inclusive of the emotional ones. Really amazing how you project it all, and I love this familiar sense to “landscapes” with how they are viewed with the eye then altered in some way like art and photographs that can change to give other views….like the “abstract….and then this feeling as any even in the “realistic” view it seems a constant changing. ~A lot seen in your words!
    Really remarkable work!!! Love this!! ~April 🙂

  8. this is really cool – using the landscape as a “vehicle” for writing poetry – so well expressed – so much said – such depth in definition – really dig this

  9. agree with all…to be read and re-read

    in the time i’ve had…i love in the first stanza of all that a landscape holds…i think of the places around the world i’ve lived and the meaningful vistas in Barcelona, Budapest, the hillside grave of my mother overlooking the town where she died and all of the weight as i see but a layer yet intuitively grasp there is a depth far beyond…

    thank you for calling forth my memories and how these places have touched so deeply and why…

  10. I liked the “impossibility of experiencing and
    remembering all at once” – one cannot dwell in both the past and the present simultaneously. Nice One Shot, Marsha!

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