Vampira in Neon Saigon

Dark is swift swallowing the sun.
Vampira climbs out of the dark tunnel,
Absently sucking on frogs
Playing outside in lily pad ponds
Between the lanes going north and south.
Ponderous heavy rain drops fall
Melting neon light pink, red and mauve
in mirrors on the slick road.

Mothlike Vampira flies to the lights.
She lands and picks her way
Between cars, chairs and bikes
on the sidewalk where people
sit cutting toenails, cooking, eating,
chatting and smoking,
wrapping the day up in stories.

The air is damp, fragrant
with particles transformed
in motor bike engines,
and wafts of chili, lemon, garlic,
coriander from cooking pots,
drying her throat, making her thirsty.
She sees a rat, carefully opens its jugular,
Sucks it dry then throws
the remains to a cat nearby.

Vampira smells despair,
a lonely lover in the park.
She strokes his face
With her cool marble hands
Transfixed he sees the face
Of his one true love.

Vampira kisses his lips,
She nuzzles his neck,
he groans thickly,
She bites ever so gently,
He draws her closer,
She bites harder piercing the skin,
Feeling the sweet blood
Pulse into her mouth.
She sucks rhythmically
in time with the beat
of his fading heart
While neon shines brightly.

One Shot Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Vampira in Neon Saigon

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  2. This is fascinating storytelling poetry – one you start reading, nothing can withhold you to continue until the end. I feel the blood pulse reminiscing when Vampira keeps her hold. I wanna go to Saigon. Magnificent. Edjo Frank

  3. I have a lump in my throat after reading this story.

    How beautiful, how sad… she can’t help herself. I can relate to it. And your way to describe it… I’m sure the images will remain in my memory for a while.

    Valerie (aka @Lalicat)

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