A little sestina silliness

She sits with her hands on the window
watching the rain splashing outside.
She spies two fat raindrops having a race
on the glass pane. If the one on the left
wins Mama will buy her a doll, if the right
wins,  Mama will tell her a beautiful tale.

Which raindrop will come first and tell the tale?
The raindrops slither and turn on the window
stopping and flowing  in streams to the right.
She watches holding her breath, first the outside
one trickles away, but no, wait, it is the inside left
raindrop coming up fast wanting to win the race.

Wistfully looking, she thinks of a story about a race,
she imagines herself as a princess in a tale,
the  kingdom with princes and castles is to the left,
she  pretends to see dragons out of the window
flying around in between trees in her garden outside
A prince will rescue her from boredom and  be right.

It seems that one raindrop has won, right
in front of her eyes, in this fabulous race
while she was imagining playing  outside.
The dragon who wins will be kind in her tale
he will understand her and come through the window
To look for a prince over there, on the  left.

She sighs deeply and  looks at the sky on the left
pondering how she will know if prince charming is right
for happily ever after? Again she sighs at the window.
She’ll make grueling tests and a dangerous race.
She wishes she could a pretty princess in a fairy tale
where it is always summer and sunny outside.

The raindrops are tired, they’ve finished outside,
there’s beautiful rainbow.  The dragons have left
with promises to come back for more fairy tales
with scary adventures, where things turn out right,
chasing boredom away, making everything race.
Sunbeams spill into the room through the window.

Now she can run outside, everything has turned out right,
the rain is left behind and she starts an adventurous race,
the prince from her tale is smiling at her through the window.

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