The Maiden and Eros

In a damp green garden
Lit by moonlight,
A statue of Eros gleams.
A restless maiden
Looks out her window,
Her gaze traces his form.

Curtains gently flutter,
As she slips outside
Compelled  by the gleam.
Heart pounding she runs,
The grass damp on her feet.
The wolves gather.

She puts her cheek
On the delicious cool marble,
Fingers softly tracing his spine,
Caressing the curves of his buttocks
Hard and unyielding.
The wolves look on.

She is lost in his marble eyes
Bliss entices her
With fecund promises.
A warm breeze caresses
Her skin and she tingles.
The wolves bow.

Marble Eros,
Touched by a virgin
Stirs, awakens once more.
He blinks his eyes twice
While she shrieks and flees.
The wolves dance.

Eros gives chase,
Catches her seizing her hand,
Holding her waist,
He kisses her wrist;
Slowly exploring her veins
With his cold lips.

The maiden blushes,
Each nerve ending tingles.
Eros ever so gently bites
The mound of her thumb.
With each fibre on fire she gasps.
And the wolves rejoice.

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